Prophetic warnings 2020

Prophetic warnings 2020 from Alain LEPAGE

2020, Warnings and Prophetic Advices from God,

for His Church and ALL Christians !

Received by Our Brother Alain LEPAGE

Prophecy in video with English subtitles :

Translate and write in English, more quick and simple,

for understand :


My name is Alain LEPAGE, from Quebec (Canada),

early October 2020.

I am in front of You today, in obedience to the Lord Jesus,

who asked me to make this video.

In order to share with You, ALL that He has given me,

since 2015.

Things that He has shown me and said, which explain what

We have been experiencing since The Beginning of the Year 2020 !

“But” He showed me, “also” what awaits Us in this Fall 2020 !

Which has already started and which will last for still years…

And All the Chaos which will increase, “and keep increasing…”

I hesitated a lot !!! But The Lord convinced me

in Mid-September 2020, when He told me :

Alain ! You must Share ! You MUST SHARE !!!

Because these things are Very IMPORTANTS,

because what is Coming, “what come “is still

much more CHAOTIC ! It’s URGENT, Alain !!!”

I want My People, My Children be READY !

Alain: “But READY for what, Lord ?!

“To face what is Coming !” “But also READY,

to act in My Name, to speak in My Name !”

Page 1

All that I am going to share Today is not from me, Alain;

but comes from God, The Father, Himself !

I took the liberty of giving You 2 or 3 dates, but be CAREFUL,

that these are ONLY simple Clues !!!

I would like to tell You the most important part;

It is The Advice, The Strategies, and The Tools,

which The Lord gives Us, in order to act for Him,

in order to be READY !

In 2015, The Lord started talking to me:

Alain ! We are in the End Times !

“The End, which I have been announcing for millennia,

and which I told You about, when I was with You !

The end of the infamous,”Satan” who has been

in WAR against Me, and against You, My Children,

from the very beginning !

But NOW has come the Timewhen I will End the infamous,

“the enemy !” “Actually, I am going to jail him for

about 10 years; about 10 years !

I will imprison him, “I will imprison him” and then

the millennium will begin , the Millennium !

“These 1000 Years of Peace, where I will reign, Me,

Christ with You, My Children !

Finally in 2015, “as” I was in prayer; The Lord said to me:

But look what I AM DOING right Now !

I saw The Father, an Image. The Lord said to me,

“It is an image !”

I saw God, The Father, with His arms in cross over my city.

And He said to me, “I am all over the Earth;

Doing what You will SEE !

Page 2

I saw God, The Father, with His Spirit going and talking to

every human being, of the Earth, “on the Earth”;

and tell Him; “and told Them” :

Come to Me ! Reconcile yourself with Me !

Come into My Kingdom !

The Kingdom of My Son, of My Son, Jesus Christ !

And The Lord said to me :

Here ! This action there, I am going to do it in crescendo,

more and more, as we get closer to 2020 :

“The Beginning of the End as Such !

I had “lot” of difficulty to believing it; it took me 5 years !

And in 2016, it is important that I tell You this, The Lord,

“while I was still in prayer : “Alain ! I will show You,

what I am preparing to make for help You, when ALL

will begin in 2020 !

I saw His Heavenly Army descend from “3rdHeaven

to the Ground, “on Earth !”

It was thousands, and thousands, of thousands of warrior

Angels of Christ, preceded by Christ, Himself.

It was His Heavenly Army, All bathed in the intense

White Shining Light of Christ !

Each had an armor, “and” a weapon; each had the Boldness

and Authority of Christ !

And They were coming to help Us !

And The Lord told me : “At the right time, Alain !

This Army is going to arrive ! I am preparing Them !

And I will notify You at the precise moment,

when It is going to arrive !

And I will tell You ! And I will tell You about it,

and He gave me The Beginning of Time !

Page 3

It just went on like that, and in October 2019,

I woke up one morning, and it was very Very Loud

in my room, and I heard :

The End of something has Arrived !!!

I knew it was God speaking, and that on this planet Earth

something IMPORTANT, had just happened !

That is to say; from that moment on, it looks like,

there was a before, and Now there is an After,

and We are in that AFTER !

I really understood, what that meant, on December 29, 2019,

when The Lord told me :

Alain ! What’s coming in 2020 : Yes, The END !

“Because it will be so Chaotic, Difficult, and BAD;

that You will need My Dome of protection !

I asked, “Dome of protection !

“But, what is it, Lord ?!

He replied : “There are 4 things in My Dome of protection !

You will find: “Firstly”, My Protection precisely because,

what Comes will be DIFFICULT !

Secondly”, My Peace; My Presence which brings My Peace, “because” only My Peace will allow You to go through

these things in Peace !

Third”, His Power for speak and act with Authority

and Boldness !

And finally, “Fourth”, ALL The Tips, The Strategies,

which We will need to act at the Right time, with the Right people, in the Right way, and etc…

Page 4

And The Lord “asked” me that :

“Every time You are going to talk about this, Alain !

I want “BEFOREYou pray !!!

So now, I am going to make a very simple and short prayer :

Lord, I ask You for ALL those who want It, Your Protection,

Your Dome which includes Your Protection, precisely

for Us, to protect Us for the Next Years !

”And” Your Presence which brings Your Peace; Your Power

to speak and act in Your Name.

And Your Strategies, to DO the Things, according to Your WILL,

and according to Your Way, Your Wisdom !

And on January 1 and 3, 2020, in 2 nights, The Lord gave me

the Explanation of what was starting !

Listen to this ! The Lord told me :

Alain ! The End begins Today !

Because, “It is The END of My Grace !!!

I answered : “The END of Your Grace ?!

And He said to me : “Yes ! This Time that I did not give,

to anybody; “returned and imputed” what was worth

and deserved, “His Choices !

He said to me : I put a line separation, and from NOW !

We will see the NET “and clearDifference between the Good

and the Bad; if it’s ME or him ?

And We will see “FinallyThe Difference !!!

In fact, I will separate the Wheat from the tares.

We will see “FinallyThe Difference,

between Good and Evil !

“And behold, what I am preparing to DO, that will be

My Judgment !!!

Page 5

Where by LOVE,I will give to those who are REBELLIOUS

to ME, those who want evil, “keep their sins”, I will give them;

I am going to give them through the enemy, “the Devil !”

In fact, I am going to let the enemy, “the Devil” himself

give them what “their choices are worth and deserve !”;

“and Touch them !”; for whoever does not want ME,

and of My Kingdom, automatically finds himself

receiving and living, and being in the kingdom

“the kingdom” of the evil one, “of the Devil.”

And He said to me : “What is coming, ALL will See;

ALL will SEE the AWFUL things, to come on Earth,

“for” many more years.

And I will give out of Love, Love to each one what he wants,

“according to his Choices”; so that everyone can SEE that

the Consequences of their Choices bring Suffering !

And many will repent and then change their kingdom.

And they will come to the Kingdom of Light,

which is My Son, Jesus Christ !

And to You My Children who have been crying for so long :

“Until when, Lord ?“; “Until when, Lord ?

I will give You My Holy Spirit, so that You may walk in Holiness;

so that You speak with Boldness and Authority; that You act

with Audacity and Authority !

And ALL will SEE the even GREATER things that I will do

through You ! You will be My Witnesses !!!

And I ask You to tell Me : Yes, Father, We want that !”

And I will protect You !You will have EVERYTHING, what it takes

to proclaim with Boldness and Authority, and with LOVE !”

Page 6

And The Lord told me this; He said to me :

It is the evil one himself, “the Devil”, which is installing

this System of Domination and Control, which You are

EXPERIENCING at this time; this is not from ME !!!

But “the evil one” uses humans, who say:

Yes to Satan !”; an elite that is INSTALLING

this Control System, to DESTROY !!!

“Satan wants to DESTROY !!! Satan is at WAR !

At War with ME, from the very beginning, and against You !

“And for 3 Years !“,

We were early January 2020, January 1, 2020, when

The Lord spoke to me for these next 3 Years…

The Devil will SET UP His System, which will

be FULLY effective, “Operational”, within 3 Years !

Then I saw 7 Years ! And all I heard in my head, was Tribulations;

7 Years of TRIBULATIONS !!!

I saw nothing of Others; I didn’t see the Rapture; nor Nothing !

But The Lord told me this:

Alain, 3 Years of preparation where the enemy installs his System;

then the following 7 Years. In ALL that makes 10 Years !

So in around 10 Years; around 2030 ! It’s a ”simpleClue !

About 10 Years, then My Son Jesus will appear to reign on Earth !

And establish His Kingdom; imprison the enemy for 1000 Years;

which will be 1000 Years of Peace!

Where You, My Children, You will reign with My SON !

He will be King and Lord ! And You will reign over the majority who will continue to refuse Me !

Page 7

And You will reign with Kindness, Benevolence and LOVE, so that

the Maximum of these people, accept Me as Savior and Lord !!!

But The Lord told me :

“Very few despite his 1000 Years of Peace will accept Me !

And listen carefully, what He said to me :

“This majority there, who are going to refuse Me,

will go to the Great Perdition, Eternal and FINAL !“,

and these are the exacts Words that He gave me !!!

The Lord told me that; He told me :

That what You are living at this moment, “this moment” is Nothing, compared to what’s COMING !!!“;

In March 2020, He said to me :

Alain ! I am going Show You, and Quickly explain to You,

what is happening spiritually, the WAR ! ”;

So HE brought me to the side of the wicked, and I seen thousands,

millions of Angels of God, playing the Shofars.

The Shofars seemed to me made of metal; You know these species

of long trumpets; I mean, that end in a cone.

And They was making a real Loud SOUND, in people’s ears,

and I heard the SOUND saying :


And I have seen many people repent and enter in

the Kingdom of Light !

And there, The Lord told me :

Alain ! I am bringing You to the other side,

to the side of the Good“, and I saw the WAR !

Christ showed me 2 Things, 2 Wars !

He said to me, “Look what Your Intercessions,

Your Spiritual Battles DONE, ”MAKE:

Page 8

I saw a First Group of Christians, whom Christ clothed

in mighty armor, and to whom He gave a Sword; a Sword of Power

and Authority, of the Word of the Holy Spirit. “My RHEMA !!!

And this group of Christians there, devoted, went delivering

a second group of Christians, which was lukewarm,

walking Half in The Lord, and Half in the World,

“according to the flesh”, that had forsaken Christ,

and every one of those Christians, out there was mistreated

by 5 or 6 little demons, hitting and pouncing on them !

And the First Group went to deliver, “free them” that

second” group there, like that, instantly,

“in 1 snap of a finger”, it was very FAST !

And The Lord said to me :

“These Wars started there, from the Covid-19; We were

in March 2020, when The Lord Jesus showed me this !

And He asked me to continue to Intercede; for there will be

more and more, and more, people who need them;

lukewarm people who need it !

And The Lord told me : “Look at Alain !“,

and I saw the wicked SEE this WAR There !

And they said to themselves :

“But Christians are Good People !!!

And several approached, and that too, that drew them

to change of Kingdom.

And it was there that I saw a Second battle, I saw demons coming up behind this First group of Christians. There !

But the demons there were far more powerful and hateful !

they had a powerful armor and a powerful weapon,

and as they were about to jump into the back of

the First group of Christians.

Page 9

It is there, that The heavenly Host of Christ has come,

with Christ at His Head !

And in a Flash, the heavenly Host of Christ conquered,

and crushed every demons !

Every demons was under the magpies from

the Angels warriors of Christ !

And The Lord told me, it was March 2020; The Lord told me :

“At the right time, I will tell You when My Army will Arrive,

it will be a Very IMPORTANT moment !!!

And on July 29, 2020, “while” I was in prayer, The Lord told me:

Alain, it is today ! It is TODAY, that My Army is arriving !”

I asked: “Why ?!

And He answered me : “Alain, the riots, that there are everywhere Falsely, against RACISM ! It is against the Law and the Order.”

”And who is the Law and the Order, Alain, in the Universe ?”

And I replied : “It is You, Lord !”; The Lord : “Yes !

But they have received as a mandate the wicked, the wicked elite, who install the System of Domination and Control on Earth.

They are the ones who instigated these riots There,

and they received at the end of July 2020, Alain !

They received the mandate to transform their riots “against,”

against the Law and the Order; in riots, AGAINST God,

Himself !!! “And therefore also against You !

For God is the Law and the Order in the Universe and against You !

And that is why, from Now, July 29, 2020, My Army is with You !!!

“Because I have never abandoned You,

and that I will never forsake You !

Page 10

So I saw every one of the Christians who was evangelizing,

who healed have, proclaiming the Word of God, who delivered, freed them people, supported by 2 or 3 warriors Angels,

who’s protecting and participating “to Healing” and

Proclamation” of the Good News of the Gospel, etc. ..

And look, “Listen“, what The Lord “showed” to me,

shown at the end of August 2020.

He said to me : “And Now !” “I will show You what You are going

to experience this Fall 2020, and which has already started,

as well as the next 2 Years to come.”

Listen well, I saw September, October and November 2020.

In fact September 2020 was like a beige floor.

And under this floor was activated evil and The Lord told me :

“It is evil which in hidden form, activates and spreads its tentacles.”

And I saw this evil there, moving towards October

and November 2020.

And the further he advanced “in time”, the more the evil grew,

and the more the movement under the floor moved,

“and got strong !”

Evil was activated in numbers, and in power, and in movements.

And suddenly, when October and November 2020 arrived;

I saw these 2 TOTALLY BLACK Months;

Planetarily speaking, It was BLACK !!!

And Christ said to me :

“What’s coming in October and November 2020 will be

WORSE, than what You Saw and Lived in March 2020,

with the containment !

And EVERYTHING that’s Coming will be much WORSE !

“In fact, Yes, there will be even WORSE riots !”,

Page 11

Yes, containment will be WORSE, “because“ there will

be BANKRUPTS like, ”like” NEVER; like You have

NEVER seen on Earth !

There will also have FAMINES like NEVER You will

NEVER” see, it on Earth !

And not only in Third World Countries, but “also” in Rich Countries !

People will SHOUT in Pain ! People will DIE of Hunger !!!

And The Lord showed me, that Others HORRIBLES events would

Happen, “would Happen !”

For this elite there, wicked, motivated and inspired by Satan;

will DO and INSTALL, worse and worse, Worse… etc …

And what I saw at that time; Christ clearly showed me, that at

The Beginning of 2021, the System, YES, would be, and will

be started, “accelerated” still…

MUCH” faster, than in October and November 2020.

But at The Beginning of 2021, The Lord told me that There,

it will be again, “even” more ATROCIOUS !!!

In fact, He told me : EVERYTHING is going to revolve around

their Installation of The System of Domination and Control, EVERYTHING is going to revolve around the Financial Crash,

which is coming; a HORRIBLE Planetary CRASH !!!

And The Lord said to me, this :

EVERYTHING happens because the people did not know,

“and did not want to !” put their Faith in ME !“,

Says God, The Father.

Because they prefer put their faith in the Human

and in the Financial System !!!

And for years before, “before” the Covid-19;

people said : “Let’s Drink and Laugh, EVERYTHING

is going Well financially !

Page 12

And because they did not know “or did not want” put their Faith

in ME ! I gave them what they wanted :

I left the evil one, “the Devil” use wicked people to give them

what they wanted “and deserved”; so that by Love, always motivated by My LOVE !“, says God, The father.

So that they can repent, for suffering brings Obedience,

and Awakening Intelligence !

And The Lord said to me, He said to me :

“These people are going; I‘m going to make You hear what

the people are going to say and think :

“And people started to say, ”Oh, no ! Oh, NO !

“Not yet the return of Troubles; Not yet the return of Plagues;

Not yet the return of Suffering, and people have seen

much WORSE events, Add up !!!

And people said : “We have NO choice !

That to accept this “New System” of Domination and Control,

“This New World Order !

Because we have no Others Hopes !!!

“Because we did not put”; “We did not know, or not wanted”,

“to put our Faith in God,” but in them !!!

So we have NO Others Choices, NO Others Alternatives,

“than” to accept their Dominions and Controls, even if that is

Difficult to LIVE !

Because they, “because they” told us that:

“It would be for our good !

But The Lord said: “It will be a FALSE security, a FALSE peace !

So The Lord told me, that from 2021 :

WOE to You, because the evil one,”

“the Devil” will be seen by ALL !

Page 13

Soon ! Very soon ! But not at the Start of 2021 !

But he is already active on Earth; he is already there;

“and” it activates in the Shadow !

But ALL will see him, but his reign will be short;

because My SON is COMING !!!

And will end his reign for 1000 Years; in around 10 Years;

imprisoned for 1000 Years !

But many will be deceived by the Devil !

He said to me :


EVERYTHING Humans DID; And even what Christians DID;

but which was not in My WILL !!!

EVERYTHING will FALL, in order to install My Kingdom

to ME, The True Kingdom, which brings PEACE !

And here are The Counsels that The Lord gave for Us;

so that We are found READY !

“What I expect from You, is that You are READY !!!

That is to say : Receive My Holy Spirit, in order to walk in

Holiness, and in order to Act with Power and Speak with Authority !

“Be mobilized, active, determined to tell Me :

YES, Lord !”; “Be quick-witted !”

And Another Thing, that He said to me :

“Don’t have a diluted Message !” “Weak !!!

That is to say, He explained to me, that the messages

that present Him as God of Love ONLY !

Is not good, not fair, not TRUE !!!”

Because he deceives, Humans; because it gives

the impression to the Men, that God loves them, as they ARE !

Page 14

Which is wrong !Totally FALSE !!

Because God HATES “The SIN !!!

God, The Father told me : “I HATE !“,”I hate SIN !

I can not accept man, who does not repent of his Rebellion,

and his Evil, and his Sin !!!

How do You expect someone to reject and change kingdom,

if they are not even aware, that they are in a World of SINS, of Darkness and Evil ?! And that he is REBELLIOUS !!!

You must give them The RIGHT Message, “The Truth !

but proclaimed with Love !

But tell them : “Repentance !!! Repent of Your Rebellion,

of Your Sins, of Your Evil ! And to repent is to REJECT !

For We must First reject SIN; before accepting The Kingdom

of Happiness, and of Light; The Light which is Christ, Himself !

Here is the True Message “and the Truth” to give !!!

Another Thing He told me : “Tell ALL that the current Chaos

is not from God, is not from ME !

But that it is from the evil one, “from the Devil ! “;

And tell everyone to refuse this SUBMISSION There,

but not outwardly ! Do not participate in Chaos, nor in riots !

Because all transformation “Veritable” is Firstly Internal

and Personal !!!

Here is what I expect from You, that each in Himself say to himself :

I do not want this SUBMISSION There, because

it is not of God, it is from the evil one !”

God does not dominate !!!

Only the evil one, “the Devil” DOMINATES !

What I want : “It is the Kingdom of Freedom of Father !“,”Of

Our Father !Freedom guided by His Spirit and by His Love,

and by Christ Himself !

Page 15

What I want is The Kingdom of Father, the Kingdom of Christ !

What I want This is Salvation in Christ, Eternal Life in Christ !

This is what You must tell to the people; This is what the people

must say, “and ask !” This is their decision, The True !

And The Lord has given me a lot talked, about the “Wise Virgins.”

But listen to this, it is in order to be found READY !

I asked : “Lord, What is Your Oil ?!

Because We hear lot of things !

He replied : “Look, Alain !“; ” Listen…”

I am going to tell You 2 things :

My Oil, it is what allows You to walk in Holiness !

There He spoke to me about the Epistle to the Romans 8 :

“Those who are led by My Spirit, does not as the men,

the works of the flesh !”

“So to be Wise is to walk in HOLINESS, led by My Spirit.”

And Second, My Holy Spirit does this :He brings in You

a relationship with Me, “with ME“, which IS, Intense,

Deep and Important !

That’s what I expect You to be READY, walking in HOLINESS,

and walking Anchored in Me ! Stuck with Me !

Here, this is to be READY !!!

And He told me Another Thing; There, there are 2 Warnings;

This comes from The Father, Himself !

He told me 2 things; He said to me: “First :

I never wanted 2 categories of Christians; that is to say one group

of Christians, who live in the Holy Spirit, who accept

the Totality of the Holy Spirit; Baptism in the Holy Spirit;

Words of Knowledge; Words of Prophecies; physical, mental

and emotional Healing; etc… cast out the demons !!!

Page 16

I never wanted ”2 categories”, a First category of Christians

to live like this ! “Whereas”, While a Second category is like :

“Yes, but All these things are in the past !”

“It is from the time of the Acts of the Apostles !”

“The Holy Spirit is There only to help me “to understand”,

to understand The Word, “It is only very partly True !”,

but it is not Enough, far to be enough !!!

These are also those who say : “The Holy Spirit is There

to help me to pray”,”It is also only partly True, partly True !“,

but it is much MUCH more than that !!!

The Lord said :

Abominations ! Repent ! Repent !!

Who are You to tell ME, who I am, Me, God ?!

Who are You to decide, what can be taken away from My Word ? Without consulting ME !

For NOTHING in My Word is “dead !

Yes, EVERYTHING is Alive;


Who are You to decide what You should be as Christians ?!

Who are You to decide what Christian Life is ?!

My Word, The Bible is FULLY GOOD !


Repent !!!

Second Warning, The Lord told me :

I am NOT a God of half-measurement !

I never wanted 2 kinds of Christians; a First group of Christians;

Christians “who fight” against “the Sin in their flesh !

“While a Second group of Christians said to themselves :

“Aah, But my Sins, The Lord understands me !“;”And He knows it’s not easy ! He‘s going to forgive me !

Abomination !!! Repent !

Page 17

For whoever practices sin; whoever DOES him is a son of

the Devil ! I don’t want SINS in My Children !

Walking in Holiness, keep far away the evil and the evil one !

What will keep the evil and the evil one, far from You !

And We are NOT talking about works, which lead to Salvation,

because it is NOT that at ALL !

It is to take out the Devil, “and his demons”, from Your Lives,

Sin and Evil !!!

We must close the doors that We were able to open; because its

doors There, give access to the Devil “and his demons”, for come and tempt Us, and to overcome Us, UNHAPERLY !!!

And The Lord said : Repent !“; Romans 8 :

Walked by My Spirit in HOLINESS !

There are 3 easy steps :

The 1st step; Asked forgiveness to The Lord for our sins,

X, Y, and Z, etcAsked forgiveness !!!

The 2nd step, I reject Sin, “ALL My Sins !”;

I bind them and throw them to the CROSS !

For they “were” taken by Christ on the Cross,

and they were Defeated There !

The 3rd step, the CROSS of Christ is an exchange !

God, The Father clearly told me :

My Son Jesus explained it, when You clean a place, when

You empty a place ! Do not leave the place empty, “because”

there is room for a lot More of ME !

“So in return, You give ME Your Sins, Your Evil,

Your Rebellion, etc …

And Me in return, I will give You “much” more of ME.

For I will give You the REVERSE Values of your past sins, which You have rejected !

Page 18

And this, ALL Your Life, I want It like this !!!

Your SINS are covered; but when You see ONE; and when

I reveal ONE to You ! TAKE It out of Your Life,

for thus You take out the evil and the evil one from Your Lives !

Because otherwise, the evil one has “legal” rights over You;

but You have the Authority; the Authority to CUT These Rights !

There is Your MANDATE !

Another Thing, which The Lord told me; He said to me:

Love ! Pay attention to LOVE !!!

Look at the picture He gave me; I found it funny, but at the same

time, it’s very True ! Right ! He said to me :

Iniquity will increase so much, that living WITHOUT My Love

will be Difficult, and if You do not live in My Love. You will Fall into Bitterness, Hatred, Division !”

He said to me : “You have authority to BRING back YOURSELF

to Love, when You see that You are in “DANGER !

That is to say that when You see that You are going quietly

to accept things which are Evil, Bitterness, Hatred, Anger,

Division, etc… “BRING BACK ! And Come Back !!!

He said : BRING BACK !” into My Kingdom, My Kingdom

of Peace, and LOVE !!!

“This is Your MANDATE and Your Authority;


Something else that The Lord told me to say :

“Do not stay ALONE !“, but Regroup You in groups

of 10 to 20 people around, near and local. And having

the same affinities and the same spiritual understandings !

He told me this; He told me : Here is why !

And said : Try to leave the cities, because in the city,

it will be too difficult, because You will be restricted,

crushed, in everything ! Go to the CAMPAIGN !!!

Page 19

Why ?!

Because in the Campaign, You will be able to exhort Yourself;

Live together; Pray for one another…

And You give each other LOVE, and Prepare Yourself

to Evangelize !!! You will be able to Evangelize longer, because they will not come, mistreat You like in town !

And most of all, He said : I’m going to bring people to You;

people will know where You are in Town, and in the Campaign !

And ask Me :

Where to go ?!“; “And don’t go anywhere else !

If I say to You :

Such place, You have to go There ! And install You There !!!

And He said to me :Come OUT to proclaim The Good News !

“And people will know it, and they will come to You !

“Because they will want what You have !

People are going to want Peace, God, Love, etc…”

I will bring them to You, so if You are able; DO IT !

“Because in town, You will be divided !

But let’s see; pretty much everywhere, people will not

be able to know, where You are !

The Lord said to me:

“At this moment, I will take the image that He gave me !

He said to me : “You live on Earth !

“And You live in what is called the 1st heaven, on Earth !”

In the 2nd heaven was Satan; was because now, I authorized him,

“authorized” to come down to Earth, with all its hordes of demons,

to bring evil back to men, and to install all his wickedness !

Page 20

But also for You :

“To brush off !“; “Feel a little…”, “Prepare Yourself…”

So that You devote Yourself to ME, TOTALLY !!!

And He said to me: “Now !

Now, You have very Easy access to My 3rd Heaven !”

My 3rd Heaven is your future Home; My Throne Room;

My Upper Room ! It’ is There, that You will RECEIVE My Peace !

So when You pray now :ASK Me to bring You to My Throne

Room ! This Upper room ! This place where I RESIDE !

And He brought me There, The Lord !!!

He brought me there, it’s Fabulous; the Atmosphere,

that there is There !

I felt The Holy Spirit moving around me !

There was a Light, golden, white.

I saw The Throne of God !!!

I saw The Father on it !

Even though I haven’t seen His Face !

I knew it was like an Image; I saw Christ next door !

And I knew even without SEEING Them,

that the 24 Elders were There !

And that a MULTITUDE of People were There;

that They were looking at me !

And There, The Father gave me His Presence;

and There, He said to me :

Go down to Earth, and that each One pray like that,

and come to seek, and receive My Presence !

Because in My Presence resides ALL Things, My Power,

My Authority, My Love, My Strategies, EVERYTHING !!!

And people will see His Presence, “My Presence” in You !

And they will want Him !!!

Page 21

I am finished ! And The Lord told me to :

“Pray for You !“; I will DO It :

Lord, I ask You to bless Us, to unite Us, to activate Us !

Yes, Lord !!!We say to You : “Yes, to Your Holy Spirit !!!

“In order to proclaim Your Good News; Yes, Holy Spirit !!!

Protect Us ! Yes, give Us Your Words ! Yes, give Us

Your Acts, with Power and Authority !

Yes, We repent of ALL our sins; because We want to walk

in Your Holiness !!! Instruct Us, Lord !

And now, We declare that We are the Army of Christ,

the Disciples of Christ !

And that We will proclaim The Good News and

bring as many as possible to Salvation in Christ !


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